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Are you fed-up with hearing "The money Is In The List", when you don't have one? That's all about to change!

From: Gary & Jennifer Ambrose, and Donald Rowell
Location: Orlando, Florida
Re: The Easiest List Building System

Dear Friend,

You need a list today, and we have it. There has never been a faster way to get a massive optin list right now, and build your own list for the future, than with Your Lucky List!

If you can fill out a form, and login to this website then you could have an opt-in list of 100, 1000, 10,000 or even 100,000 prospects, by next Monday.

Why choose Your Lucky List?

It's simple. Your Lucky List is like no other list building system ever created. We have an exclusive "dual-matrix" list-builder, so you benefits you from your own efforts, and from the efforts of the thousands of others in the matrix.

Tired of finding yourself at the bottom of the matrix? Worry no more.

Our "Lucky Matrix" is randomly re-built every week, and with each re-build you have a chance to be put right up at the top! And, even if you're not in the top position, you could still find yourself sitting on top of a huge list of hundreds, if not thousands of prospects every single week!

Imagine waking up next Monday to a brand-new list of 20,000 prospects!

Pictured below is an illustration of where you'd end up in a typical matrix. In the diagram, you're in the position represented by the little green figure.

Look about right, huh? You're stuck way down at the bottom, and you have absolutely no one below you to mail to. But remember, we run a "dual-matrix".

Pictured below is an illustration of where you could be in the "Lucky Matrix". Again, in the diagram, you're in the position represented by the color figure.

Looks a little better this time, right? This time you do have a downline of people to mail to, and you got access to all of them without having to do a thing. But, it gets even better ....

If you're "Lucky", you could end up here ...

And that's just the start. We're also going to be flooding your own list with fresh, targeted, double-optin prospects. You'll get access to a list right now, and be building your own list for profits tomorrow.

Join today and start building your list Absolutely FREE!

- Click Here To Sign-Up For Your Lucky List -

Yours in Success,
Gary Ambrose, Jennifer Ambrose, and Donald Rowell
Your Lucky List Team

P.S. Think about this ... if you are considering NOT joining, how serious can you be about building your own list? This is a system that will GIVE you a list today, and build your list with real opt-in leads at absolutely no cost. Isn't that worth the 30 seconds it'll take you to sign up now?

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