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In the next 2 minutes we'll prove to you that our powerful new technology will build a massive, targeted, double opt-in list of thousands of responsive leads for you, automatically, even if you're the last to join the system.

From: Gary & Jennifer Ambrose, and Donald Rowell
Location: Orlando, Florida
Re: The Best List Building System

Dear Friend,

You've read it in countless ebooks. You've heard it time and time again, but you just haven't done it yet.

You know how the "gurus" make insane amounts of money online, right? You've seen how they really generate traffic when they want to make the sale, but you haven't been able to do it yourself.

Now is the time! You are about to be handed, free of charge, the most valuable asset that any online business needs to generate consistent profits online, a massive, targeted, double-optin list.

You've heard it before, and it's true ... "The Money Is In The List!"

It's no secret that the real money makers online, the "gurus", are the ones with the biggest opt-in lists, right?

You've heard them all tell you that it's easy to build a list, anyone can do it, and everyone has to ... but it's not that easy!

The truth is that building a list takes time, but that's not going to help you right now! You need a list, today, that you can mail to right away and we're going to give it to you.

But, that's not all, we're also going to build your own opt-in list for you. That's right, you'll have a list of thousands that you can mail to right now, and we'll build your own list so you'll have it for the future.

How does it work?

Well, it's a little technical behind the scenes, but with Your Lucky List, you can finally have the list you need! The worlds easiest, "dual-matrix" based, list building system will fill your list with fresh, responsive, double-optin leads automatically.

Now don't jump the gun ... if you think you already know how Your Lucky List works, think again!

Your Lucky List is the first, and only list building system that uses our exclusive "Dual Lucky Matrix" to simultaneously build 2 lists for you, at mind-boggling speed!

This new "Lucky Matrix" ensures that everyone who joins Your Lucky List you will get a list within a week, even if you're the last person to join the system. And, we'll give you a brand-new list every single week!

Here's how it works. The diagram below illustrates where you might end up when you join a typical matrix-based list builder, and in the diagram below, you're represented by the little, color figure.

As you know, you're never going to be the first person in a matrix, which means that you're probably going to end up a few levels down.

This isn't a bad position if you don't mind waiting, but ...

Who likes to wait?!? You're going broke waiting for your list to grow, right?

Your Lucky List's exclusive "Lucky Matrix" system actually builds two matrixes, with a twist. We build the standard matrix you're used to, but we also build another matrix, randomly, every single week.

How does it work? Just stick with me for a minute and you're going to see how powerful this simple little twist actually is.

The diagram below illustrates how the random matrix might look after one of our weekly builds. With our system, you're going to be in the position shown in the diagram you saw above, and you're going to be in the position shown in the diagram below.

Do you see why this is so powerful? And how this extra "Lucky Matrix" will dramatically increase your list building speed?

But, it gets even better. Although the position in the diagram shown above is great, you could be put even higher up ... if you're "Lucky". ;-)

Can you imagine waking up Monday morning and finding yourself in the position shown below?

Your Lucky List's exclusive "Dual-Matrix" technology ensures that every single member has a downline they can mail to, no matter when they join! And, because we re-build the "Lucky Matrix" every week, you're going to get a fresh group of prospects more than 50 times a year.

Instead of being the second to last person in the system, that poor sucker stuck way down at the bottom, you going to have over 50 chances to be in the positions that have the massive downlines everyone dreams of.

And that's not all. We compress and re-build both of our matrixes every week to ensure that there are no empty spots in your downline. This means no bounced emails, no overinflated numbers, and no dead weight.

Every time we compress the matrix you're going to replace what was once a huge void with a new, responsive, member in your downline. You really are going to get a fresh, new list every single week!

It's decision time ...

Listen, no matter how great the system works, you'll never know unless you give it a try.

We could throw a thousand diagrams at you, quote endless statistics, and load up the site with more forced testimonials than you've ever seen ... but none of that really matters.

The only thing that matters is your decision to either join the system, right now, or leave this website wondering ...

Honestly, I don't know how anyone could pass up this opportunity, especially considering that it's absolutely free, but we're leaving that decision up to you.

Will Today Be Your Lucky Day?

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Yours in Success,
Gary Ambrose, Jennifer Ambrose, and Donald Rowell
Your Lucky List Team

P.S. Opportunity is banging on your door, will you answer it? In just a few short minutes Your Lucky List can be working for you ... but only if you sign up now?

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