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Without a doubt, the money's in the list ... and we're going to help you ...

Quickly Build A List of Thousands That You Can Profit From Today, Flood Your Own List With Hot, Hungry, Targeted Prospects That You'll Earn From Tomorrow, And Do It All On Auto-Pilot - FOREVER - Absolutely Free!

In the next 68 seconds we'll prove to you that our amazingly simple system will build a massive, double opt-in list of thousands of responsive leads for you within a few days, automatically, even if you're the last to one to join.

From: Gary & Jennifer Ambrose, and Donald Rowell
Location: Orlando, Florida
Re: The New List Building Standard

Dear Friend,

What you're about to read has the very real potential to change your business, and quite possibly your life, forever. Before we get started, I have to warn you that some of what you're about to see will sound incredible, and it may even border on sounding impossible ... but don't let that stop you.

Listen, we understand. We know that you're skeptical, and you have every reason to be. There's a good chance you've been burned many times before, and have had your hopes inflated by false promises, only to be left to fall flat on your face.

That's why we're going to prove to you that the system you're about to join, "Your Lucky List", is the best list building system ever created. This is, without a doubt, the most powerful, easiest to use, and fastest way to get the most important tool you need to profit online, a massive optin list.

What you may not know is that the team that developed "Your Lucky List" has been working together for over 5 years. In that time, we have helped tens of thousands of people just like you build their lists ... and we've also done something else.

Over that time we've also been learning. We have been paying close attention to the results of all the services we've run, hoping to crack the code, and get to the point we're finally at today.

We analyzed 2,637 comments, questions, and suggestions from thousands of our members dating back to 1999. We've looked at what ideas have worked, which ones were a bust, and which ones had the potential to be great with a few minor tweaks.

You should also know that, of any group of people running this type of system, we may be the highest qualified group you'll ever find. Our staff is responsible for delivering millions of marketing emails every single week, and we've been doing so for years.

On top of that, one member of our staff has been invited by some of the biggest names in marketing to speak at several prestigious offline marketing events as "The Expert" on list building, and email management. He is widely respected, and known as one of the best in the business in this field.

We don't say any of this to brag, that's pointless. We're telling you this so you know "Your Lucky List" isn't being run by some random group of unqualified newbies who bought a $20 script looking to make a quick buck.

You should never put your hopes and dreams in the hands of people who haven't proven themselves time and time again. Doing so is one of the quickest ways to guarantee yourself failure!

That being said, you could search far and wide to find a group of people more respected, or more qualified to help you profit from your list, and most likely, your search would come up empty.

As we mentioned above, we've been working together for over 5 years, and in that time we've operated, and still do run, many of the most successful list builders ever created ... but this is the last one we plan to open.

That may not sound like a big deal to you, after all, there's a good chance you've never heard of us before. But, when we broke the news to the people we've been working with for years, that this was the last system we ever plannd to create, they were speechless.

Why? That's simple. We have finally created what we all believe to be The Perfect List-Building System. No matter how hard we look, we simply can not find a single way to improve on the program that you are about to join.

"Your Lucky List" is what we've been working towards for over 5 years. It was born through hundreds of hours of hard work, the contributions of thousands of our valued members, and the experience of having delivered millions of emails and leads for our clients.

Now, we know we've set the bar pretty high with everything that you just read, and we're going to back it up. "Your Lucky List" is absolutely incredible, and what is almost too good to believe, is that you can use it, absolutely free.

"Your Lucky List" is made up of three separate components, all of which were carefully designed based on what we've learned from our experience over the past five years. What we know to be true is:

  • You want a list of thousand of prospects you can reach, Right Now!
  • You want to quickly fill your own opt-in list with hot, targeted, qualified leads.
  • You don't have time to waste building a list, and will only use a system if it works as promised.
  • You want access to new prospects, every single week, so you can profit from people who have never seen your offer before.
  • You don't want to be bombarded with hundreds of emails from other people every day.
  • You don't want your message to get lost in a flood of hundreds of others, or being sent to fake email addresses that are undeliverable.
  • You want access to a list, right now, even if you aren't able to refer hundreds of people to a website.
  • You want to be rewarded for your efforts, and you don't want little tokens of gratitude, you want rewards of epic proportion!
  • You realize that, by working with thousands of others, you will be able to explode your list building potential faster than you could ever dream of doing it alone.
  • You demand that your list-building system is incredibly easy to use, duplicatable, and doesn't require any technical or specialized knowledge.
  • You want the system to work for you, just as well as it did for the first person, even if you're the absolute last person to join.

Now that's a lot to pack into one system, and up until now we've only come close, but this time, we nailed it!

"Your Lucky List" will deliver everything you demand, and more, period.

The system is made up of three core components, all of which designed so that you will earn more money on your promotions, build your list faster than you thought possible, and have access to a fresh prospect list with less effort than you'll find anywhere else.

That's not all, we have also included 2 other components that will help you generate targeted traffic to any website you want, and we will automatically build and train your downlines in a number of hand-selected opportunities. You'll not only be building your list, but your recurring income too!

Now, on to the good stuff.

The first part of "Your Lucky List" you may be familiar with, but this is only the start. We are a cooperative list-building system built on a 3x10 matrix, and before you get to thinking you know how this works, please, don't get ahead of yourself.

We know that concept may sound familiar, and for good reason. With similar list-building systems they make that idea sound good, but let's look at the reality.

You're never going to be the first person to join a matrix-based system, ever! In the real world, you're actually going to end up in a position like the one shown below.

That isn't a bad position, and with a little effort on your part it's very easy to build a powerful list of prospects this way. The only problem with this position is that you will either have to do some work yourself, or you'll have to wait for others to help you out.

But, who likes waiting?

That's why we've designed our "Dual-Matrix" list-building system. This system was created by us, and we're the only people on the Internet who have it! This system was responsible for one of the fastest growing list builders ever launched, but we've found a way to improve it.

As the name implies, we run two matrixes. The first is the standard matrix you saw above, and the second is what we call the "Lucky Matrix".

Now I warned you early on that some of this might sound almost too good to be true, but I promise you, what you're about to see is absolute fact.

Our "Lucky Matrix" is the most powerful advancement in list-building that we've developed to date. This system gives every single one of our members an entirely new list of prospects, every single week.

You see, we actually re-build both of our matrixes weekly, this is called "compression", and it's done with good reason. When a compression happens, we're removing inactive members.

Why do this? So that you have no dead-weight in your structure. What this all means is that when you see 687 members in your matrix, there are 687 real, active members who are actually in your downline.

Many other websites never compress their systems, which leaves you seeing falsely inflated numbers that give you the false impression that you are failing.

You think you're mailing to 11,000 people, and when you get a measly two clicks on your link, what else can you think? On the surface that looks like a collosal failure, but it's not fair, and it's not your fault!

The standard matrix follows a normal compression, but the with the "Lucky Matrix" we've added an amazingly powerful twist that, all on its own, could entirely change the way people build their lists!

Each week, the "Lucky Matrix" is re-built in random order. Yes, that's right, it's random.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that building something at random doesn't sound so good, or that it doesn't make a lot of sense, but think again. This random re-build give you the chance to be put at the top of the "Lucky Matrix", every single week!

Do you remember the diagram above of where you'd end up in a normal list building system? Well, just take a look at the image below to see how dramatic an effect the "Lucky Matrix" can have on the size of your list.

That looks a lot better than the standard matrix alone, right? In the "Lucky Matrix", you now have a downline of people that you can mail to, right now. But, it gets even better....

Even though you did get a list, and ended up with a great position in the "Lucky Matrix", you could actually end up higher. That means a new list, one that is even bigger than the one you had before, and that you can reach instantly. Just take a look ...

Can you imagine waking up next Monday, and finding yourself in this position? You could be sitting on top of the structure, with a mailing list of over 10,000 prospects ready to pounce on your offer.

Believe it or not, that's not all. Since we re-build weekly, you're going to benefit no matter where you end up in the "Lucky Matrix". You see, each time we re-build, you're going to get an entirely new downline of people you can reach, and many of these prospects will have never seen your offer.

This gives you a new list of hot, hungry, targeted prospects that you can reach every single week. You simply will not find this anywhere else.

Now, this is all great, and you should already be chomping at the bit to join "Your Lucky List", but we have something else for you.

On top of the "dual-matrix" list-builder, we are also giving you free access to our never before released "hybrid" system.

The "hybrid" system was designed to build your own, personal, optin list of prospects. These aren't just any cold, garbage prospects though, these are premium, responsive, double-optin leads.

Yes, you can reach these prospects outside of the "Your Lucky List" system, and they become members of your own opt-in list!

There has never been a list-building system like this before. "Your Lucky List" WILL become the standard by which all list-building systems are measured.

You are just seconds away from putting the incredible power of this system to use for you, for free!

The only question is ... Are you feeling lucky?

- Click Here To Sign-Up For Your Lucky List -

Yours in Success,
Gary Ambrose, Jennifer Ambrose, and Donald Rowell
Your Lucky List Team

P.S. If you didn't already click the sign-up link above, how serious can you be about building your list? Isn't that worth the 1 minutes it will take you to sign up now?

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